VA Doug Gomez – Favorite Of 2018 Album

VA Doug Gomez - Favorite Of 2018 Album Download


Album Download: Check out this new project released by Doug Gomez his newest EP version with good sound tracks on it titled Favorites Of 2018 Album.

Download songs and enjoy below.

Tracklist below.

  1. AbysSoul, Sio, Osunlade – Words (Yoruba Soul Mix) 08:20 138bpm/Fmin
  2. Ambrosia, Doug Gomez – HAPPY (Vocal Rmx) 10:36 125bpm/Amin
  3. Benny T – Galactech Journey (Original Mix) 07:33 123bpm/Dbm
  4. Carissa Nicole – Settle For My Love (Mark Francis Vocal) 06:58 125bpm/
  5. Cee ElAssaad, Jackie Queens – All On You (Voodoo Mix) 07:28 123bpm/Cmaj
  6. Cee ElAssaad, Rocco Rodamaal – Sacred Chant (Rocco Rodamaal Remix) 06:50 123bpm/Dmaj
  7. Coflo, Lady C, Doug Gomez – Reasons (Doug Gomez Merecumbe Soul Remix) 07:03 125bpm/Dmin
  8. Dana Weaver, Doug Gomez – Freedom (Doug Gomez Soul Vocal) 07:30 125bpm/Amin
  9. Dana Weaver, Doug Gomez – I Know Better (Doug Gomez Merecumbe Soul Mix) 09:58 124bpm/Gmin
  10. DeepQuestic, Lizwi – Wash’umuzi (Feat. Lizwi) (DJMreja & Neuvikal Soule Odyssey Dub) 07:47 120bpm/
  11. Divine Brown, Terry Hunter – Love Alibi (Terry Hunter’s Club Mix) 08:00 125bpm/Bmin
  12. DJ Aakmael – Track 1 06:52 121bpm/
  13. DJ SGZ, Shon Mac – Free Yourself (Vocal Mix) 05:58 124bpm/
  14. Doug Gomez – Higher Luv (Merecumbe Soul Mix) 07:35 125bpm/D#min
  15. Doug Gomez, Sincerity, FNX OMAR – Spic, Me (FNX Omar Instrumental Remix) 06:31 123bpm/Fmaj
  16. Doug Gomez, Sincerity, Realm Of House – Spic, Me (Realm Of House Drum Vocal Remix) 06:05 123bpm/Bmin
  17. Emmanuel Jal – Kuar (FNX Omar Remix) 06:41 122bpm/
  18. Ezel – Nibo (Original Mix) 06:24 141bpm/Amaj
  19. George Lesley, Earl W. Green, Mark Francis – Blow My Mind (Mark Francis Remix) 07:56 120bpm/Gmaj
  20. George Lesley, Kenny Allen – We Are Love (Original Mix) 10:09 120bpm/Fmaj
  21. Guri Guri Boys, Josh Milan – Be Yourself (Manoo Remix) 10:28 126bpm/
  22. House Of Stone, K-Modi, AmFlow – Linda (Amflow Mix Vox) 06:00 125bpm/Fmaj
  23. Ian Friday, Kelli Sae – Surrender (Libation Vocal) 05:36 126bpm/Emin
  24. Jeremias Santiago – Utuado Soul (Original Mix) 10:36 121bpm/Dmin
  25. Jihad Muhammad, Carissa Nicole – Down For You (Original Mix) 06:26 125bpm/Dmin
  26. Josh Milan – Anger 04:56 126bpm/
  27. Kelvin Sylvester, Natasha Watts – Fly Away (Revival Mix) 07:35 123bpm/Amin
  28. Lena Soul – Beautiful (Original Vocal DjPope Edit Remastered) 05:40 125bpm/F#min
  29. O’Man Blues, Dindy – Rise (MARK FRANCIS RE EDITED) 06:45 124bpm/
  30. Oscar P, FNX – Filtered African Blues (FNX Remix) 06:53 121bpm/A#min
    Saint Evo, Zipho – I Wanna Know (Afro Mix) 08:24 82bpm/
  31. Steal Vybe, Peven Everett, Chris Forman, Damon Bennett – I Found Inside (Mesmerized Soul Mix) 07:57 123bpm/G#min
  32. Stones & Bones, Cee ElAssaad – Uthando (Cee ElAssaad Voodoo Remix) 05:32 123bpm/C#min
  33. Una, B.I.T.S, DjOji, DjPope – Soul Underground 2018 (Dub Flute Mix Feat: Kolai) 06:10 124bpm/Fmin
  34. Vanessa L.Smith, Mikki Afflick – The Chase (An AfflickteD Soul Mix) 07:55 124bpm/Emin

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