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  • FULL NAME: Tatiana Manaois
  • DATE OF BIRTH: October 22nd, 1996.
  • RELIGION: Christianity.
  • STATE OF ORIGIN: California, United States.
  • NATIONALITY: American.
  • OCCUPATION: Musician.
  • GENRE : Folk, Pop.
  • LANGUAGES: America English
  • RECORD LABEL: None. She’s Self Signed.
  • RELATIONSHIP: Single ( As at the time of posting.)


Tatiana Manaois, is just a 21 year old (She will be 22 by October 22nd 2019) female Pop Singer who was born in California, United States, on October 22nd 1996. Her Current US based birthstone is Opal & Tourmaline.

Tatiana came to limelight by showing off covers for songs of top musicians. She has published covers of Chris Rene, Ed Sheeran, and Justin Bieber to her YouTube channel.

She’s also an independent singer-songwriter with albums titled “Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Pain“ and “Lovely“, the latter of which features her hit single “Helplessly,” and “Like You” which went viral across Vine and YouTube.

In 2010, she reportedly started writing her own songs and building her fan base through social media. Her social media statistics include 270,000+ YouTube subscribers and over 170,000+ Instagram followers. From what we gathered, her music career started as a father/daughter activity, but she developed a deeper desire for music as she got older.


As at the time of posting, we don’t have any information about the educational career of Tatiana Manaois. But when we do, this post will be updated accordingly.


If there should be anything to at all mention as Tatiana‘s skill, then music related stuffs should be at the fore front (I mean number one) of them all. Tatiana Manaois from was gathered seems to be a good guitarist.

She plays guitar too well (and it even seems she was the one that powered the bazz on her debut song song titled “Helplessly“). She’s also a good vocalist, who seems to have upper hand on soprano.



Below are are some of the songs by Tatiana Manaois we could account of as at the time of making this posts.

  1. Helplessly (Lovely) – 2015
  2. Like You – 2015
  3. I Want It to Be You – 2015
  4. Beauty Sings (Lovely) – 2015
  5. That New York Shirt (Lovely) – 2015
  6. If We’re Reckless (Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Pain) – 2013
  7. Speaking of Love – (Lovely) – 2015
  8. Kiss Me into the New Year – 2016
  9. These Words Written (Lovely) – 2015
  10. B.O.M.O. – 2016
  11. She Don’t Know – 2017
  12. This Melody (Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Pain) – 2013
  13. Heaven – 2017
  14. Through the Fight (Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Pain) – 2013
  15. Old Fashioned Love – 2016
  16. Everything Changed – 2017
  17. Again & Again – 2016
  18. Loved Like This –2016
  19. Summer Marie – 2017
  20. Not Like You Care Anyway – 2018
  21. Mine (Lovely) – 2015
  22. Last Time (Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Pain) – 2013
  23. This Other Person – 2018
  24. It’s Already Christmas – 2014
  25. Break Me Down (Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Pain) – 2013
  26. No Better (Lovely) – 2015
  27. Understand (Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Pain) – 2013
  28. Choose (Lovely) – 2015
  29. Find Me (Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Pain) – 2013
  30. Them There Eyes – 2017
  31. Be There (Lovely) – 2015
  32. Same Drugs – 2017
  33. All the time


Her music career started as a father/daughter activity, but she developed a deeper desire for music as she got older.

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