VIDEO: Gigi Lamayne ft. Youngsta CPT & 25K – Jou Stad [MP4 + MP3 & LYRICS]


Gigi Lamayne ft. Youngsta CPT & 25K  – Jou Stad Video Mp4, Mp3 Download & Song Lyrics



Gigi Lamayne ft. Youngsta CPT & 25K – Jou Stad Video Mp4, Mp3 Download & Song Lyrics

Here, we bring to your attention the official music video of Gigi Lamayne’s Jou Stad mp3 song which was performed originally alongside Youngsta CPT and 25K.


The song, is taken off her last year studio album which she titled Job Woods

Stream video online on YouTube & download mp3.

Gigi Lamayne Jou Stad Lyrics

[Hook: Gigi Lamayne]

[Verse 1: Gigi Lamayne]
Heavyweight bar, I hope Stogie gets to hear this
They biting so hard that they smile need the dentist
Rap so hard [?] going through the festive
Blue ticks off, they won’t know I never read it
Cash out till I pass out, that’s the thing
Rags out so we trap out in the crib
Pass out, we be last out with the ching
Telling [?] that I’m coming for my ring
[?] hands if you [?] in my way
Hamilton, both [?] Vin Diesel with the [?]
Khaleesi getting mad ’cause I’m sleazy with the slay
And ninjas on the deal trying to pull that stingray
Kidnap the baker, I want my bread as in now-now
Peaceful for who? Yo, I want [?]
Queen to the who? You talk to the G now
Gigi Lamayne and this [?]

[Hook: Gigi Lamayne]

[Verse 2: Younngsta]
From the city they call slaap stad, but we don’t sleep
You can’t walk in my own sneaks, you got
Social media amuses me, you fools aren’t fooling me
Usually you don’t even get love in your communities
You act like your people got your back there
My broer, when last did you give back there?
‘Cause when you come to my hood you’ll get a heart attack
These raps are a Kaapstad start to pack at a laundromat
Look what they [?] the citizens
I’d like to go legitimate to find an equilibrium
My city is magnificent but swollen with drugs
And notorious thugs, it’s rough but

[Hook: Gigi Lamayne]

[Verse 3: 25K]
I just cut the [?] glasses on you motherfuckers
Dope boy, I ain’t cuffing but we under-covers
I’ll be in the white block eating curry kos
The dark side [?] with the drug lords
She keep blowing up my phone [?]
I was selling [?] in the west side
Back line ka [?] then you off-side
Both sides ka le-side ke Baghdad
[?] clock nine then u lastig
I just hang a [?] on my left arm
You hate me, but your girl thinks I’m handsome
Gigi Lamayne o tlo bolaisa ka nna
Jeep six [?]

[Hook: Gigi Lamayne]

Hope you enjoy this video and lyrics of the song Jou Stad by Gigi Lamayne.

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